• Special Environmental Consultant at Piraeus Port Authority (OLP SA). Consultant for Environmental issues and Waste management issues, assistance in matters of competence of the Environment Department of the PPA, support during the tender process for environmental projects etc. 
  • Supervision and Consulting Services for the implementation of Environmental Terms during construction of Wind Park Antia at Euvoia and at Wind Park Araxanaio at Argolida 
  • Environmental Consulting and Monitoring for the Greek National Operational Programme Accessibility Improvement 2007-2013* 
  • Environmental Consulting Services (measurements and special vibration and noise studies) for the reconstruction and operation of Athens urban railway (HSAP) (26 km)* 
  • Environmental Monitoring and Consulting Services during construction of Costa Navarino resort I, a 3.500 bed Luxury Hotel Resort , with Golf courses and 17.500 m2 of Real Estate, in a Natura site* 
  • Scientific Consultation and Documentation Programme on geological and hydrology issues and exhibits for the Environment Museum of Stymfalia Lake* 
  • Environmental Consulting Services for the Hellenic Autopistas Group in the context of the “Planning and construction of E65 highway and section of Ionia Odos highway” project (232 km highway)* 
  • Participation in the ECOFLOW project, a systematic and standardized procedure for assessing ecologically acceptable flows in rivers whose flow regime is impacted by water resource development*

NOTE: The studies-services marked with an asterisk (*) have been elaborated through participation in study group on command.