Welcome to the website of Envis P.C., a consulting company specializing in the fields of environment, geology, water, noise, waste management.

Environmental Services (EnviS) is established by scientists who combine high level of scientific background, with significant experience and expertise in studies and consulting services to the above fields.

More specifically, its object is to provide specialized services in the areas of environmental studies for works / activities and projects / programs, of natural environment protection and of sustainable development.

There is expertise in the field of environmental licensing of both private and public projects and excellent knowledge of the specificities and needs of both sectors.

In addition, EnviS activates in the areas of Geological, Chemical- technical and Economic and Feasibility Studies.

In EnviS each project is studied thoroughly with basic criteria the effective inclusion of the project to the local environmental conditions with the combination of the best economic and technical solution. We offer customized solutions to the needs of the developers and deliver completed studies with continuous support both in the planning process and in the construction phase. We respond with consistency and professionalism in tight time schedules with competitive costs.

EnviS is certified by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Greece for elaboration of :

  • Environmental Studies (category 27-B)
  • Geological and Hydrogeological Studies (category 20- A)
  • Chemical technical Studies (category 28- A)
  • Economic and Feasibility Studies (category 3-A)

Navigate and get informed about the services we provide and the fields we are active, our team’s experience and expertise and contact us to discuss your needs and ways of addressing them.